Flam Gas is involved in the componentry engineering business and, more specifically, is specialized in manufacturing of gas burners for cooking, designed both for domestic and professional use. Having in line more than 900 different models and an annual production of 1.000.000 pcs in an area of 6.000 sqm, Flam Gas has made a name for itself on a European level.  
  Built over the fifty years it has been in business, its leadership, is backed by in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by customers.  
  Flam Gas was involved in the manufacture of appliances for hospital use when, towards the end of the ’60s, it timely inspiration opened up new horizons. It came up with the idea of offering manufacturers of gas cooking appliances a component that was much-neglected and underestimated at the time: the “natural atmospheric burner”. In actual fact, at the time, manufacturers tended to build their own burners, as though they were just your everyday component, paying precious little attention to their performance on the safety, reliability and flexibility front. The greatest focus was on the appliance’s appearance and how it was received by the market, forcing the functionality and efficiency of a main and fundamental component – the very heart of a gas appliance – to take a back seat. From that moment on, Flam Gas’s sole objective was to come up with a product the market would find innovative, featuring straightforward and yet technologically advanced construction, that guarantees high performance and safe. Behind the success story lies the determination of a company who has channeled, and indeed continues to channel all its energies into research, technological innovation and the creation of new products aiming to please an increasingly demanding market.