Flam Gas Research Centre has studied and designed the WOK models SF110W, SF115W and SF250W according to its customers demands and market progress.

SF110W - This is an 11 kW hybrid burner designed to be installed on WOK gas range, as well host standard SF flame spreader. The burner can be equipped with a special pilot burner and thermocouple. The burner’s flame spreader is interchangeable with that used in open flames burners SF series.

SF115W - This is an 15 kW burner designed for WOK application.

SF250W - This is an 25 kW burner designed for WOK application.

For all these models, several specific solutions are available to adapt them to the manufacturer’s requirements like surface treatments for each specific component, or combined pre-arrangement of flame safety thermocouple, pilot burner and piezo-electric igniter.

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