This is a strategic unit of operation, providing competitive advantage to our future and present services, products. Current research is being geared towards achieving high performances in combustion according to the environmental parameters and contemporary directives. The laboratory is a veritable testing ground for regulation tests according to the International Gas Rules, like e.g. EN, AGA, ANSI, SASO, etc. standards. Instruments and equipment used are checked and calibrated according to an annual schedule. Prototypes are tested in the lab under regular and extraordinary conditions: spontaneous ignition, overheating, light-back, superpower and flame lift.

Initially prototypes are studied through specific 3D software, in order to enable the engineers to discover constructive aspects. It is here that burners are prototyped and equipment prepared to house the new component. In addition, this is also where new prototypes, prepared based on specific user requests, are put to the test, assuring the customer consistently new and technologically advanced products at increasingly low costs.

  Research and preparation of new products is a fundamental part of the business since, apart from generating knowledge and experience, it also enables production technology to evolve in the constant pursuit of new solutions on which tomorrow’s products will be based. If required by the customer, RnD is also able to apply the reverse-engineering process, in order to evaluate if the proposed product could be realized with Flam Gas’s technology and means. This is usually implented when following specific tooling requests or projects based on particular standards or when a customer is not satisfied with the quality of its present supplier.  
  In addition this reasearch unit thoroughly follows cooking tests with a capability of integrating final user involvememt and laboratory monitoring. While these activities are part of FLAMGAS R&D unit, examples of cooking research projects and corresponding information are included in the COOKING TEST SECTION.  
  Below some examples in a variety of market aplcications.  
  Gas Range  
  Lava Stone  
  Tilting Pan  
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