Flam Gas Research Centre has studied and designed the NAUTILUS models NTS8.5, NTS10.5 for sealed top/watertight application, according to its customers demands and market progress.

Existing products on the market are designed with the ignition burner (pilot) positioned away from the main burner. This implementation leads to the followingdisadvantages: difficulty in cleaning components, difficulty in igniting the burner, combustion interference between main burner and pilot, complexity of maintenance.

NTS revolutionizes the pilot flame concept: for the first time it is integrated into the burner with obvious advantages such as, for example, ignitionspeed, improved safety and ease of cleaning the burner itself. The particular shape and orientation of the pilot flame allow immediate ignition of the main burner and at the same time avoids the phenomenon of flame spreader impact that in turn is creating whirlingand consequent combustion problems.

For all these models, several specific solutions are available to adapt them to the manufacturer’s requirements like surface treatments for each specific component, or combined pre-arrangement of flame safety thermocouple, pilot burner and piezo-electric igniter.

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